In The Beginning

Balmoral Bakery started selling cakes and pastries with an English touch in 1965. It was founded by Hainanese “Ah Kohs” (literally translated into “big brothers”) as a complement to the famed Balmoral Steak House at Holland Village that was patronized by the British and Australian armed forces then stationed in sunny Singapore.

As time went by, the bakery garnered a reputation for our delicious, crusty, golden pastries and moist, flavourful cakes that were extremely reasonably priced. We’ve never looked back since. Hopefully the fact that we’ve been around for almost 50 years is a testament that we’re doing something right here in our kitchen.

Maintaining Tradition

We still make our items by hand, maintaining generation old tradition and ensuring quality and tastiness in our products. Our butter cakes, rum balls, cream horns samosas, chicken pies and curry puffs still taste how they did so long ago. Just ask the residents of Sunset Way, Clementi who grew up along with us. They pop by on a frequent basis when they’re feeling nostalgic about their childhood and are looking for tastes that will take them back to their childhood.

Pride & Joy

Balmoral Bakery has become an institution and is one of the very few traditional bakeries left in Singapore yet our greatest pride is how for decades, we have been able to delight children and adults alike with our tasty morsels and our whimsical 3D cakes.

We’d like to thank our loyal customers for helping us get to where we are today and we look forward to decades more of providing you with great food and even greater memories!!